1. The name of the organization shall be Council of Teachers of Southeast Asian Languages (COTSEAL).
  2. COTSEAL is a professional interest group whose primary purpose is to promote the discipline of language teaching on all levels: teaching, materials development, and research.
  3. Membership is open to any individual or institution with a professional interest in the teaching of Southeast Asian languages.  Members will pay dues which entitle them to receive the Journal of Southeast Asian Language Teaching and other publications of the organization.
  4. Only individual members in good standing may vote.
  5. COTSEAL is associated with the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) and the Southeast Asian Council (SEAC), which oversees the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI).  COTSEAL will normally conduct business meetings and workshops twice yearly: at the annual AAS meeting in March and at the SEASSI Conference in August.
  6.  The officers of COTSEAL will be nominated at the August meeting and elected by the membership by mail vote.  Officers will serve for a period of three years.  The officer positions are: President, Vice President, and Secretary.  The immediate past president will also serve as an officer.  The President will plan and conduct the meetings; the Vice President will assist the President in all matters and serve in place of the President in his or her absence.  The Secretary will keep the minutes at meetings.  There will also be an Editor of the COTSEAL Bulletin who will serve as an ex-officio officer appointed by the President with majority approval by the membership.
  7. While this organization seeks actively to cooperate with universities and other agencies concerned with Southeast Asian languages, COTSEAL shall promote disciplinary, professional matters and will not normally be involved with evaluating specific programs or research projects, nor will it attempt to influence the selection of personnel for university positions or the SEASSI.
  8. COTSEAL will not pre-empt Southeast Asian country consortia such as the Consortium of Teachers of Indonesian (COTI), but will seek to encourage such consortia.
  9. The COTSEAL Constitution may be amended only by majority mail vote of the members in good standing.
  10. Members in good standing are defined as individuals who have paid their dues at least through the preceding year.